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Transformation Coach v’s Therapist what’s the difference?……. Read On

A Transformation Coach – Focuses on the future, fosters performance and being the best you can be in what ever you do, helps you to discover your own path in all areas of your life and helps you move forward

A Therapist – Focuses on the past, diagnoses and treats dysfunctionality based on medical ethics

Cross over  – Both are paid to ask the right questions, tackle difficult issues in any area of your life and focus on individual behavioural change and explore subjective experience

About a coaching relationship

Transformative coaching is unique, It is all about the client, the coach is merely a facilitator.

The coach facilitates using an intelligent method of coaching questioning that provokes you the client to think deeply to discover the answers from within.

You come up with your own answers, your own action plan and what changes and support you need to put in place to reach your goals. It is all forward thinking and forward moving.

Your coach helps you to set and achieve your goals, helps support your plan of action and helps keep you accountable to that which you set for yourself to achieve successful results.

Find out how you can go from chaos, to re-gaining your confidence and self belief moving forward

Re-Inventing yourself “Your Life Your Way”  is a  90 day programme that will help redefine who you are and will help you to discover what you want your life to be in the future. It will help you breakthrough the barriers, overcome the obstacles and help you make a plan of action to achieve the goals that you set, leading on to a happier more purposeful life for you going forward.

This programme helps you to:

  • Get your mind back, gain confidence and inner strength to make the big decisions                               
  • Discover your passions, bring the happiness, fun and zest back into your life   
  • Keep in the positive zone and to let go of energy zappers and negativity around you
  • Discover how to live your life true to yourself inline with your beliefs and your values
  • Design and map your life going forward as you have always visualized and dreamed your life to be
  • Learn how to make sustainable life goals that will bring you where you want to be easier and quicker

“Cheryl has walked the walk that so many of her clients are struggling with. Through her own divorce and life’s struggles post divorce she has developed tough skin, her tough skin allowed her to heal and forgive. She decided to pick her life up off the ground and demonstrate a woman of strength, courage, and purpose for not only herself but for her children. Her clients can expect a customized approach and a (professional) friend to guide them along the obstacles that will come up along their journey to living their life with purpose.’  Genette 5*****


Hi there,

My name is Cheryl Johnson and I am a Certified “Transformational Coach”

I specialise in coaching women who have gone through a divorce or separation to re-invent themselves so they can get a new lease on life.

Are you looking to bring the fun, zest, adventure and happiness back in your life going forward?

I am a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and work by their code of ethics so you can be assured of confidentiality and you will be treated with the upmost respect at all times.

Don’t be stuck in a rut, stop feeling trapped, Join the 100’s of separated and divorced women in New Zealand who have regained their strength, confidence and direction in life through transformation coaching. Coaching enabled them to move forward empowered, happy, motivated and driven to live a successful and purposeful life.

A little about me – We were living overseas for five years when my seven year marriage broke up. 

I flew back to New Zealand with my two children who were then 2 and 5 years old and ended up on the doorstep of my parent’s one bedroom flat.  

We stayed with my parents for a few weeks until I found a new job, a place for us to live, established a daycare for my young son and a primary school for my daughter. It was tuff going and when I look back I don’t really know how I did it, I just did.

It took me a good five years to re-invent myself, to get my self esteem and self belief back along with the zest and sense of fun and adventure that I had lost.

I was 15 years flying solo with the children and in that time I learnt many things about myself,  I knew deep down that I was strong, confident and capable, I just needed to change the way I was thinking, start looking after my well-being and keep pushing forward and have faith in myself. 

My life today, I am now living the dream, right on the beach. I absolutely love my life and live my life to the full.

Some of the wonderful things I experienced with being self confident, having self belief, zest, fun and adventure alive in my life:

  • swam with the dolphins, 
  • para- sailed in both Bali and Fiji,
  • hiked up to the crater lake on Mount Ruapehu NZ and skied down,
  • zip lined through the rain forests of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and in Fiji, 
  • tandem skydived at 15000 feet over Lake Taupo New Zealand,
  • dove into underwater caves in Tonga and Mexico and 
  • sailed many 1000’s of miles offshore across several oceans. 

These are just a few adventures I have been on and each time I step out of my comfort zone and have new adventures it makes me feel alive. Check out the gallery.

Me Zip lining PV Mexico

In early 2017 I got married to my soulmate, I waited a long time to meet “Mr Right”. I am so grateful for all that is in my life. My children are now young adults happy and doing what they love.  I feel so blessed.

I am extremely happy, enjoying every minute of my life and doing what I love. 

A big part of what I love is coaching women through life post divorce and helping them to achieve more, to be the best they can possibly be, to find happiness and live their life to the full making each day count.

Through coaching I want to help you to re-invent yourself to find the real you, the strong, confident person that you are underneath. I want to help you avoid the pitfalls and move the obstacles that are in your way. Coaching will help you  have more clarity and to be open to see all the possibilities and choices that surround you,  You will be able to plan your new life with fresh eyes renewed strength and a new found confidence. 

life is too short to be stuck for too long, take that first step today and start enjoying your life going forward!

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