A Sample of Services:

90 day programme – Re- Invent Yourself “Your Life Your Way”

6 one hour coaching sessions plus 6 modules with tools to help you break through any barriers

This programme will enable and equip you to handle the many challenges you face with renewed confidence and inner strength. You will be able to move forward set and achieve goals for a better life for you going forward.

Workshops for up to 10 people 

Retreat – (Available in New Zealand only) Weekend beach relaxation retreat with 2 one hour sessions

90 day programme is the ultimate to put you back on track, it will help you to get through the toughest parts, and help you set and achieve your goals. It is great to have a coaching partner and not have to feel alone, you know you have someone on your side helping you to push forward to be the best person and best mum you can be. It will help you get a great start towards having the life you always wanted for you and your children. You are learning to fly solo now, confident and in control. You will soon learn to love it.

“Cheryl has walked the walk that so many of her clients are struggling with. Through her own divorce and life’s struggles post divorce she has developed tough skin, her tough skin allowed her to heal and forgive. She decided to pick her life up off the ground and demonstrate a woman of strength, courage, and purpose for not only herself but for her children. Her clients can expect a customized approach and a (professional) friend to guide them along the obstacles that will come up along their journey to living their life with purpose.” Genette 5*****

Things maybe a bit overwhelming for you when you are faced  with new challenges and your world is turned upside down.. I too have been there and when you have children to think about they are your first concern, making sure they are safe, happy and  surrounded by as much normality as possible. This in itself can be difficult especially, if you have been forced to move house, change schools for the children and maybe change your job. 

Coaching will help you through the rough patches, help you have some clarity as to the best way forward and will present you with more choices than you think you have right now.. 

Take the first step and have a free strategy session with me, this will help you define a plan to help you see things a lot clearer.

I invite you to a free strategy session to find out where to from here to create your desired life  – the life you have always dreamed of.